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As a HANA Living member, you will receive a wide variety of products and services that are unmatched in the Health and Wellness industry. No matter what your circumstance may be HANA Living is here to put you on the path to happiness and well being.

Our membership fee is $20 per year. Proceeds go to home accessibility options for the underserved.

(Please consult with your tax professional for Tax Deduction information)

Payment Options:

Send a check: (please make check payable to HanaLiving Inc.)

Or, email us at [email protected]

As a member you will receive:

  1. The HANA Living discount membership card - accepted at all member locations, seminars and events, this card provides discounts to important health-related products and services.
  2. Access to the Resource Center for Members section of the website which includes (to name a few):
Ask the Pharmacist
Educational Database
Exercise Tips
Grocery Lists
Healthy Recipes
Meal plans